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​Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to help people change their lives for the better.

This interest led me to complete a master's degree in psychology and ultimately pursue my dream job.

I am a registered psychologist with the Belgian Psychologists' Commission (no. 852325262)

My diploma is recognized as a clinical psychologist and I received professional visa (no. 357917).

I am registered with the Association of Flemish Clinical Psychologists VVKP

I have a registered business in Belgium with number 0767761928.

I offer each person I work with an individual approach full of support and understanding.

I have undergone my own therapy and work under constant, tailored supervision of more experienced specialists

(of course, maintaining the confidentiality of my clients' personal data).


2012: Diploma of five-year long studies with a master's degree in psychology, specialising in clinical psychology,

at the SWPS University (then the University of Social Sciences and Humanities) in Wrocław

Master's thesis entitled "Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy - meta-analysis of research"

written under the supervision of prof. UJ Grzegorz Iniewicz

2021: Postgraduate studies (one year) in Psychological diagnosis in clinical practice

at SWPS University, Warsaw

2023: Postgraduate studies (one year) in Psychotraumatology at SWPS University, Katowice,

awarding me the title of Psychotraumatologist and Crisis Interventionist

I really like learning and I am constantly educating myself, so I have completed many different courses and training, the most interesting of which include:

2021: Multicultural Children's Assistant course;

Self-destructive behavior of children and adolescents;

Biliteracy - learning to read and write in bilingualism;

Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language;

2022: Therapy for a child with selective mutism - level 1 and 2;

Specialised training on working with children experiencing refugee and war with Dr. Ofra Ayalon;

Dyslexia at school;

Understanding a bilingual child;

Psychotherapeutic work with a traumatised child;

ptpip diagnostic qualifications - Diagnosing developmental dyslexia;

2023: EMDR therapy levels 1 and 2 for adults as well as children and adolescents;

Treatment of transgenerational trauma using EMDR;

Working with victims of violence using the EMDR method;

Attachment relationship therapy;

Sexuality of children and adolescents;

Developmental Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dysorthography, Dyscalculia

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